Monday, 23 March 2015


....and out of pocket!

Thought you might like to read this until I get some time to blog about a few birds I saw today.

There was an excellent article in a local newspaper recently which had me jumping for joy on behalf of the Natural World.

Image Pete Woodruff.

This woman asked a man if he would take on the job of felling 27 trees. This whilst knowing the trees were under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), she had sought to obtain financial gain by this terrible act of vandalism as the removal of the trees in a woodland area would open up a view to the estuary resulting in the value of her property for sale on the housing market being much higher.

But hey....this lady wasn't as bright as she might have thought she was, she ended up in court and was fined the grand sum of £15,000 plus a quid or two in costs. As for the lumberjack....well, he wasn't as bright as he thought he was either, he got lumbered with a fine of £3,000 plus a quid or two in costs.

Well as they say, it doesn't bring the trees back, but long live the TPO's....

Hope your'e still trying to sell yer 'ouse missus!


Richard Pegler said...

Heart warming, Pete! It might not bring the trees back but, given enough publicity, it might save a lot more being cut down illegally!

Best wishes - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...
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Pete Woodruff said...

Yes....Thanks for your comment here Richard.

I thought the fifteen grand was the best result I've seen in ages. Pity we can't impose this kind of sentence on the raptor killing bastards....15 grand or 15 years.