Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fast Forward.

I suffered a carjacking again on Friday causing some derailed plans. But back on track later meant if I carried out the plan at 1.30pm to leg it from Lancaster to Glasson Dock the time allowance would be reduced to no more than three hours. 

To note on Freeman's Pools, 6 Goldeneye, a pair of Gadwall, 3 Little Grebe, a 'few' Wigeon, a Little Egret, and at the footpath crossroads at least 50 Fieldfare. On Aldcliffe Marsh c.500 Pink-footed Geese, and the red ringed Whooper Swan seen and previously reported here. The flood at Aldcliffe was totally void of birds, with a Little Ringed Plover having been on here Thursday/Friday and again Saturday.

Chiffchaff Antonio Puigg

At this point I almost decided to abort the plan, but in the end I struck out to complete the route, though unable to do my birding full justice I heard a Chiffchaff at the cutting south of Aldcliffe where I watched a Goldcrest scurrying through the branches, saw a Raven at Stodday, a pair of Long-tailed Tit almost certainly planning on nesting, and notched up 12 Blackbird en route.

Thanks to Antonio for the Chiffchaff, and David for the Grasshopper Warbler header.

Mute Swans.

Despite three phone calls to the lab performing the autopsy's on the recent dead Mute Swans I found and retrieved from the Conder Green/Thurnham/Cockersands area, I still have no info on the cause of death, but by arrangement I'm giving them a bell again this week. 

Meanwhile, another two dead Mute Swans have to be added to the list now standing at twelve birds, as one was found on Friday in the Cockersands area, and another in the Thurnham area on Saturday. 

Certainly something of a mystery to all this, you have to wonder if all these Mute Swan deaths are connected in any way in such a short space of time and close proximity to each other.


Martin Jump said...

TAXI,that`s what I seem to be doing lately Pete.Hope there`s a conclusion to the Swan mystery soon.

Noushka said...

Hi Pete,
Sorry you had to suffer a carjacking again, we are living terrible times...
Why would the Mute swans be the only species targeted? My own feeling is that a particular predator such as a fox could had found them easy prey....
Got to run again, but enjoy your day and keep well :)