Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dale And Moor.

On my third visit to Barbondale on Monday, I found 5 Pied Flycatcher though I saw not a single male, and the same number of 5 Redstart, these were all male. Three Treecreeper included a young bird being feed, a Jay and Mistle Thrush were also of note. 

Green Woodpecker Jan Larsson

Green Woodpecker was the first bird I saw on this visit, short of a records search my first one in probably two or even three years. I've so far not seen nor even heard a Tree Pipit here this year.

I did little lingering at Barbondale this time and was gone in two hours as I wanted to pay a visit to the Newby area near Clapham from where I left very disappointed to find no Stonechat despite a three hour search. This was another Stonechat stronghold from the beginning of 2000 after I started to see them here in the late 1990's, until the harsh winter saw them off, my last record was on 9 April 2010. Five years on and still no return.

As another species always to be seen here, I was also disappointed to find no Sedge Warbler today, but noted 10 Meadow Pipit, 5 Reed Bunting, 4 Willow Warbler, 2 Song Thrush, and probably up to 30 Lapwing were in one field. At Clapham railway station, a Spotted Flycatcher was in trees overhanging the River Wenning, a Grey Wagtail and Coal Tit seen, and a 'few' House Martin always around here annually. 


Nightjar Simon Hawtin 

On last Friday evening 5 May, a Nightjar was reported singing NW of Clitheroe at Bashall Eaves near Blackhill Wood but there has been no sign/sound since....Excellent and some record.

Thanks to Jan for the Green Woodpecker, and to Simon for his image of a bird he found on his garden fence one summers evening some years ago....WOW!!  


Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
I can also boast the likes of Redstart and Pied Flycatcher now i'm in Wales :-) My last day tomorrow though. Good timing with your Green Woodpecker image, as that was our latest addition to our bird list, which is just 1 short of our target (see my blog today).

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Fantastic images and birds.. Have a nice weekend Pete..

Simon H said...

Hi Pete
That Nightjar must have been 8+ years, never had one in the garden since! The other image of Greeen Woodpecker is one bird I have never managed to photograph well. For the first time in a few years I've been up to Catshaw/Marshaw, didn't have time to do Tower Lodge. I'll post on LDBWS if I still can.

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....Hope you have enjoyed Wales. I look forward to reading your report which I'm off to do right now.

Ana....Thanks for keeping in touch, I really appreciate it.

Simon....I was going to give you a call about the date for the Nightjar so I could add it to the post with the image but didn't get around to it. Be nice to bump into you again sometime Simon, long time no see.