Friday, 26 June 2015

The LBJ.

On my first visit to Barbondale this year on 7 May, I had noted two distant female Pied Flycatcher together showing interest in a nest hole, at the time I had thought this rather odd, but marking them in my little black book I moved on. 

Not having seen these birds since May, it has taken me until my latest visit to Barbondale yesterday to realise that I had been caught off guard with these two, this time I observed them both going to a nest to feed young, and realised as I got closer to them, I was watching a pair of Pied Flycatcher, one of which was a brown female lookalike 1st summer male.

1st Summer Male Pied Flycatcher Brian Rafferty 

Off guard not least because this is the second bird of its kind I've seen here at Barbondale, my first was of one seen 28 April 2011. Nevertheless, this bird is clearly a brown 1st summer male Pied Flycatcher showing bold wing markings, a white-edged tail, and the forehead patch divided into two in the middle.

Male/Female Pied Flycatcher Martin Jump  

Thanks to Brian for his prompt attention to forwarding me these 1st summer male photographs at the top, and to Martin for his male and female birds above.


Martin Jump said...

Beautiful birds both male and female Pete.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, brilliant birds. Thanks for looking in again Martin.