Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Green And Harbour.

A look in at Conder Green yesterday had me seeing both Common Terns, they went into the air together at one point and dive bombed 5 Carrion Crow which came menacingly over Conder Pool, only a few minutes later they attacked a Pheasant in the same manner on the adjoining island. Also on the pool, 2 Little Egret, the summer plumage Little Grebe was here again, not seen since 14 April, 2 Mallard females had just three and two ducklings respectfully, so no good breeding successes there. A good number of Sand Martin were feeding along the pool side hedgerow with a single House Martin noted, a Song Thrush was heard in full song. In the creeks, 2 Common Sandpiper, and at least 70 Redshank.

Mediterranean Gull Geoff Gradwell 

I decided to pay Heysham Harbour a visit and gave the power station outfalls two hours before and up to high tide, by which time I'd found 10 Mediterranean Gull, all 2cy birds in variable plumage with the exception of a stunning adult on Red Nab, two birds were on Stage 1 outfall, five on Stage 2, and three on Red Nab. As I walked back to the motor I saw a Whitethroat on the reserve.      

And finally....The ultimate fly tipper strikes.

We all know the kind of people we share this planet with - but wish we didn't really have to - but thought I'd feature this ultimate in fly tipping at Conder Green. It's been here about a week, and now has some kind of order notice attached to it, but no doubt the council will have to remove the wreck and nobody will be brought to book.  

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Noushka said...

Well I bet the terns had serious reasons to dive bomb the crows!
I do witness the same kind of action with shore birds, Redshanks included, driving off raptors... Actually pics soon to be published :)
And boy do the same things drive us crazy.... abandoned caravans, good grief...
Enjoy your evening, Pete and keep well :)