Friday, 2 October 2015

Migrants....What Migrants!

Seek and ye shall find....Didn't work for me yesterday.

I reckoned a walk along the coastal path to Glasson Dock was as good a bet as any for a Yellow -browed Warbler, it took me two hours to crawl along, and crawl back to Conder Green....dream on. But along the way I saw a decent flock of c.80 Goldfinch, a Great TitBlue Tit, and a Robin.

In view from the bowling green along the south side of the estuary, 2 Spotted Redshank were at the Conder mouth, 8 Snipe on the tideline, and Tuesday's c.560 Golden Plover were over on the north side, with well into a four figure number of scattered Lapwing.

Common Sandpiper Antonio Puigg 

At Conder Green, the now probably wintering Common Sandpiper was close to the Conder Pool viewing platform and feeding along the waterline of what is now a lake again following the two recent 10.40m super tides. I counted 13 Little Grebe again, diving and gobbling up the small fry like there was no tomorrow, with 52 Mute Swan having also taken a liking to the pool. In the creeks, a juvenile Ruff, a Snipe, c.70 Teal, and 4 Little Egret.

I also reckoned some scratching under the surface at Cockersands was a good idea for a migrant hunt, the tally says it all....4 Wheatear and a Rock Pipit were along the headland, 3 Swallow were flying around without purpose, a Stock Dove and the local female Kestrel seen again, with another Kestrel over Jeremy Lane.

Migrants....what migrants!  

Garden Spider. Pete Woodruff.

Though I failed to get a decent photograph of it, this Garden Spider Araneus diadematus, which is one of the commonest and largest British spider, has spun a beautiful orb web on the outside of our front room window. The female Garden Spider can grow up to 15mm, they can be found during June - November when the first frosts kill them off.  

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Warren Baker said...

Ditto with the spider Pete, right on our front window, it's web is a lovely piece of architecture :-)