Friday, 1 July 2016

Another Short And Sweet Session....

....but a little sour at times, not least because the Avocet pair on Conder Pool are now down to one chick left from four. A greater degree of the inevitable here I'm afraid, too many predators, and now a dead sheep to attract corvids and gulls, an easy target even though the parent birds are dedicated and feisty in the protection of their young. 

The Common Tern pair still have two young, and my confidence in the success of this record is by far much stronger than that of the Avocet which would have made it two excellent breeding records for Conder Pool.

Common Tern Juvenile/Redshank. Conder Pool 2015. Pete Woodruff.

I'm looking forward to seeing this again soon and for the third year on Conder Pool.

Common Sandpiper. Jan Larsson @ Vingspann

Fifteen Common Sandpiper found at Conder Green, seven in the creeks, seven down the Conder channel, and one in a channel on the marsh, they're a week ahead of schedule in double figures this year, it being 6 July last year before eleven were seen. Three Large Skipper and a Speckled Wood, seen in dull and windy conditions they couldn't possibly have been happy about.

A visit to the Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock had a little interest to it, with an impressive count of 14 Little Egret4 Grey Heron, a Common Sandpiper intermingling with a small number of Redshank, Lapwing, and a single Dunlin.

Short and Sweet....The End!

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