Saturday, 16 July 2016


....the best  lager Stonechats in the world!

With 12 Stonechat found on Harrisend yesterday - only one of which was a male - there was evidence that four breeding pairs are in the area I cover on this fell this year. This is by far the best count on Harrisend since 24 July 2008 when I made the same count of 12 birds, and puts Harrisend back on the map for Stonechats in numbers equal to pre the harsh winters of 2009/10/11.

Also in the count of 13 species in the three hours I spent on Harrisend, 16 Meadow Pipit, 4 Blackbird including one juvenile, 3 Reed Bunting, a Wrenand Wood Pigeon over. I kept seeing large numbers of corvid exploding into the air above the ridge, but on one ocassion I estimated what seemed a strange mix of up to 400 Carrion Crow and Rook, Lapwing, and Starling in the air, with at least 3 Raven noted, raptors seen were a Buzzard and Kestrel

Little Grebe with small fry. Pete Woodruff.

I dropped down to the coast and Conder Green from Harrisend to find the Avocet family still in tact, with the adult birds seeing off anything in sight that moved. A couple of sightings on Conder Pool which stirred me nicely was my first Kingfisher here this year, 2 Little Grebe in their brilliant summer dress was rewarding, and were the first on the pool since the last winter bird I saw on 5 April. A wander around the creeks and channels followed and produced a count of 13 Common Sandpiper.

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull. Pete Woodruff.

The Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock had livened up considerably, if only because a large number of gulls were present compared to little more than fifty on Tuesday, and included 5 Mediterranean Gull, also of note were up to 30 Bar-tailed Godwit.

The Conder Common Terns. 

There was no sign yesterday of any of the two adult and two juvenile Common Terns on Conder Pool, the Lune Estuary, or at Cockersands, and I've since seen no reports of them anywhere to date.

Thanks to Howard for his excellent in flight Whimbrel header.


Warren Baker said...

Good news with the Stonechats pete, all the more likely they have fared well elsewhere too then. Hopefully this makes it more likely I will get a visit from one this Autumn :-)

Marc Heath said...

I wouldn't mind 1 Common Sandpiper at Nethergong, please send a few south, many thanks.

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....I've recieved a number of excellent breeding Stonechat records from Bowland this year from the many birders who keep in touch with me, and it's certainly looking good.

Marc....Conder Green is by far the prime location in our recording area for the returning Common Sandpipers, please let me know if any pass your way this autumn.