Sunday, 4 September 2016

Birdless On Plover Scar.

If like me you regard Cockersand and it's surroundings to be one of the best of local birding locations, or maybe a man with a dog, or even just a leisure seeker, I'm sorry to say you're about to find some serious disruption to your birding, dog exercising, or leisure time on and around Plover Scar.

Passing The Cockersand Light. Pete Woodruff.

Following the collision by a ship with the Cockersand lighthouse earlier this year, the structure is about to be dismantled any time soon, stone by stone and rebuilt again....No mean feat, and a few quid involved here, which may well take more than the 14 weeks estimate, not least related to inclement weather those performing the task will have to endure. 

Soon we'll be seeing a compound in the car parking area, to accommodate plant and machinery, with cranes, scaffolding, and all manner of materials needed for the task. To this end Slack Lane will be closed at the junction of Moss Lane to all but local residents, in any case there will be nowhere to park or turning space anyway.

Plover Scar Roosters. Pete Woodruff. 

So....I reckon it's goodbye to birding Plover Scar until next year, and certainly no Snow Bunting, or better still Shore Lark on Plover Scar until the year is out, and at this rate I'm never going to find the Baird's Sandpiper I've been looking for here for the past 150 years!!

I'd sooner be birding....Hopefully tomorrow, but not on Plover Scar I suspect, though no-one's clocked on to start work there yet.

Thanks for the header of the 'showy' Little Stint seen recently at Reculver in Kent....Excellent as ever Marc, many thanks.  


Richard Pegler said...

Sorry to hear of your (hopefully short-term) loss, Pete. How the heck does a ship manage to collide with a lighthouse???

Best wishes- and thanks for the moth ID

Martin Jump said...

Bloody hell Pete,I was just planning a few evening trips for a few sunset shots.

Pete Marsh said...

The access route and considerations for the repairs were carefully planned and should in fact lead to less disturbance of the high tide roosts by now excluded dogs and hopefully a change in habits and discovery of somewhere new with less 'damage' by the culprits. Walk from the caravan park?

Warren Baker said...

A bit of a mixed blessing there for you Pete!

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard/Martin/Warren....Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

Pete....A valid and appropriate comment, here's hoping the 'culprits' move on.