Saturday, 25 March 2017

Cockersand Delivers....Again.

The flooded field by the junction of Moss Lane/Slack Lane has looked good for a few weeks now, and I've never failed to give it a serious grilling on every visit to Cockersand, it turned up a couple of White Wagtail recently, and in themselves even the Shoveler's are a decent record there.

Yesterday I set myself up at the metal gate and decided to be a better birder for once by making an effort to count the bird's present in the field. Not long after starting the exercise, I glimpsed a bird instantly not a Meadow Pipit of which there was a good number, the bird flew, but I had already muttered to myself what I was certain I had seen....but where's the bloody thing gone to. My lucky day, and it was soon relocated and I kept my eyes glued to the scope whilst making a call to make sure I wasn't going to be the only observer of this bird and to get the news out.

Male Lapland Bunting. Cockersand 24 March Chris Batty. 

Lapland Bunting 1.25 miles SW of Glasson in flooded field by junction of Moss Lane/Slack Lane, Cockersand SD433541 at 1.15pm....The bird was still there at 6.20pm.

I'm grateful to CB for the video-grab he sent to me. 


Marc Heath said...

That certainly is a cracking delivery Pete, well done.

Richard Pegler said...

A super find, Pete! Well done!

Pete Woodruff said...

Marc/Richard, Thanks....many hours of 'blanks' at Cockersand prior to this one, but that's birding in'it, search and you never know what you'll find.