Friday, 19 July 2019

Conder Pool....Swings & Roundabouts.

All was revealed at Conder Green on my latest visit.

The Avocets.

When I arrived, the first birds I saw were two adult Avocet on the marsh at high tide, previous reports had indicated these birds had taken four chicks from the pool and into the creeks, so I assumed they were in the long grass until the tide dropped off, when all four appeared and were seen feeding. Meanwhile, surprise, surprise, two more adults accompanied three more chicks below the viewing screen. So both pairs of breeding Avocets have had success on the two small islands which have surfaced at the west end due to the water having fallen to such a low level. There was two more Avocet at the back of Conder Pool, one of which was a well grown juvenile

The Common Terns.

The pontoon Common Tern seen were, two adult and three young including the runt which still causes me concern, and an adult sitting on the back-side of the small island. I had no sign of the two fledged Common Tern, a report on last Sunday was that of two juvenile being fed by adults on the Lune Estuary, indicating these birds have now moved off Conder Pool. 

Conder Pool Records.

Six adult Avocet, seven chicks, 4 adult Common Tern including one sitting on the small island, and three young on the pontoon. A Black-headed Gull with two young also on the pontoon. There was at least 150 Redshank in the high tide roost, also 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Greenshank, a Common Sandpiper, 3 Little Grebe, and 10 Greylag including a collar marked bird.

The video is of two adult Avocet with three chicks on Conder Pool. 

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Unknown said...

Lovely to see the avocet chicks let's hope they make it successfully into adulthood

Pete Woodruff said...

Thank You, but the 'Unknown' is a little frustrating, if there's any chance of a revelation please e-mail me.