Saturday, 27 July 2019


I was at Conder Green Thursday/Friday, and have been truly amazed both times. 

Following a horrific attack by Black-headed Gulls breeding on the pontoon, and a message on Monday saying two Common Tern young appeared to have been killed by them, when I arrived at Conder Pool on Thursday morning, all I saw was an adult Black-headed Gull with two young on the pontoon. 

 Wednesday 24 July Ian Pinkerton. Clik the pik

I was in disbelief, but remembering this image sent to me the day before, indicating that fledging was a possibility and sooner than I had imagined. Despite injuries looking pretty awful, the birds had fledged....Amazing. 

I had to make a search to find these birds to prove they really had escaped. I found them, they were out of sight from the viewing platform, and the day after on Friday afternoon I found them again in the very same place with both adults in attendance. From the distance I was viewing them from, I could see two young fledged Common Terns, and considering the injuries inflicted at the hands of the Black-headed Gull, they seemed in good condition whilst I watched them preening.

It's a pity I didn't see these birds being fed, nor did I see them in flight, I'd have been even happier if I had. But this story may well have a happy ending after all....Unbelievable.

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Marc Heath said...

More dramatic than Eastenders (which I believe is total rubbish). Fingers crossed for a happy ending. Nature always amazes.