Monday, 22 July 2019

The No Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

The pik's need to be viewed Full Screen as I seem to have no control over the size for the moment. I've lost some of the editing tools on a new computer. 

The nice picture in the header belies the truth about Conder Pool and the fact that the Black-headed Gull has finally killed the two Common Tern chicks, the runt probably having already perished prior to the demise of it's siblings.

Image Ian Pinkerton

I get a little fed up about always being right most of the time, but this is something I have to live with, and this is a perfect example. Although not to the letter on this occasion - as I had predicted the outcome was going to be the reverse - that the prediction was, the Common Terns would kill the Black-headed Gulls, also that this outcome would have happened much sooner than it has. But the video I made of the attack on the Oystercatcher by the Common Tern - the chicks of which suffered a much earlier fate - seemed to make it clear that the terns would be the victors hands down....So that's 'right most of the time' coming in to play. 

The good news from Conder Green as the header shows, the Avocets and young are  surviving and thriving, and the returning pair of Common Terns produced two chicks which successfully fledged, and eventually departed Conder Pool, one of which was almost certainly one of the birds seen at Cockersand yesterday along with some adults, per Fylde Bird Club Sightings. 

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Thanks to Ian Pinkerton for the header and harrowing video. Ian must have been screaming to have to watch the demise of these unfortunate creatures....I was.

Long live the pontoon, and the re-structuring of Conder Pool too, both great ideas gone badly wrong.


Clik the pik

Ian Pinkerton has returned to Conder Pool this evening to be amazed to find the young Common Terns alive, but not looking good. This bird has terrible injuries. and I'd be surprised if they survive this attack by the Black-headed Gulls.

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