Wednesday 21 February 2024

New Arrivals....Long Stayers.

Monday wasn't quite the day I was hoping for weather-wise, with grey skies and a chilly wind, because of which I abandoned my planned traditional circuit of Cockersand, to backtrack to Glasson for my second look at the Lune Estuary and Conder Pool.

On the Lune Estuary at Glasson, three sightings in particular grabbed my attention, 1) 9 Avocet were feeding in a tight group with bills sweeping side to side, before flying off upstream to disappear from view, 2) the huge number of up to 3,500 Black-tailed Godwit seen on the Lune Estuary today, seems to continue increasing apace, with an all time record of 4,600 reported here on Sunday 18 February LDBWS, 3) a leucistic Dunlin was seen briefly with a few other waders before soon flying off, unfortunately no camera at the ready to record the little beauty. Also to note, at least 350 Redshank and 75 Golden Plover

With a hair cut and other management work since my last visit 7 days ago, on Conder Pool a good record was of a pair of Shoveler at best irregular here, c.120 Black-headed Gull have certainly taking a liking to the new look landscape, no doubt in due course many of them will take over and dominate the islands to breed. Also noted, 45 Teal, 36 Redshank, 24 Snipe, 4 Curlew, 2 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Little Grebe, a Greenshank and Goosander.  

Garden Birds.

Robin. Pete Woodruff.

Best news from the garden, we had 2 Robin yesterday 20 February, with much interaction between them, 2 male/2 female/a pair....who knows! A Siskin has made three appearances since the first female seen 9 February, and we also have 2 Dunnock and a Wren visiting regularly.

Young Garden Dunnock. Pete Woodruff.

Hoping the Dunnock breeds again in the garden this year as they have in the past.


To add to the 6 Stonechat seen at Fairhaven Dunes on 13 February FBC, it's beginning to look like the spring passage has taken off, and I agree that 4 seen at Fluke Hall by AC on Monday were definitely a start to the spring passage of the Stonechat.

The Header.

The 4 Cattle Egret found in the field opposite Lighthouse Cottage on 25 October 2023, are still being seen in the area and are now 4 days short of their 4 month stay. Many Thanks to Howard Stockdale for the excellent header image of one of them.


  1. 4,600 Black-tailed Godwit is mind boggling, Pete! It's good to see some of your garden birds - I look forward to you getting some shots of the Siskin.

    Howard's Cattle Egret shot is a beaut!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Thanks as ever for your contribution Richard. On the subject of gardens, a misunderstanding of my suggestion on your website to 'keep on gardening' which really meant to say 'keep on garden birding'.

      Good to read positive news re both of you Richard.


    2. No, Pete, I hadn't misunderstood your comment at all - I read it exactly as you intended. Thank you for the encouragement. My reply was just by way of explaining why I think we probably do rather well for birds and other wildlife in our garden.

  2. Good to see Avocets arriving. Like you I have a couple of Robins around my garden that seem to tolerate each other so presumably a pair.
    Nice garden bird pics and great header of the Cockersands Cattle Egrets.
    Like you I have been unable to get out due to weather and domestic chores e.g. decorating so appreciate your update from around the patch.

    Ian Mitchell

    1. Good to see you on B2B Ian. I was beginning to worry about you, though I appreciate you told me of the 'chores' you had in hand. I think our two garden Robins are also increasingly looking like a pair.


  3. Thanks for the header position Pete, meant to tell you, it was the RSPB team from Leighton Moss who did the honours last week in clearing the vegetations off the islands with a few other bits to follow from Ian and I, good to see the gull's have already started to gather, fingers crossed we get meds on there this season.


  4. Most welcome to the header image Howard, B2B can always use excellent images that I can't deliver. Yes, fingers crossed the Mediterranean Gulls join the Common Terns, Avocets and other Conder Pool goodies this year.