Friday, 27 March 2009

Its Friday Again....

....and anything other than birding this could become boring but birding in any of its many forms will not - and can never - become boring and if its Friday then its with JB/BT.

To be honest it would be really nice and rewarding to see the Little - ringed Plover's currently at Aldcliffe but yet again they evaded us though I note from the Birding Aldcliffe Blog [] Steve had them again on the flood later in the day....I'm going to get really annoyed with Steve if this continues. By the gate at Freemans Pools a Mistle Thrush was in delightful full throttle, also noted stood here about 4 Long - tailed Tit, on the pool 10 Gadwall is an excellent record here for a species not found any old where, I only saw one Goldeneye here today but probably others still here. On the marsh c.500 Pink - footed Geese and a Little Egret was adjacent to the wildfowlers pool.

At Conder Green where the tide was rapidly heading towards the road the only place for birds was on Conder Pool where I can strongly recommend a visit at this state of the tide. If a rarity is going to get displaced from the creeks or the Lune estuary it's going to end up on here I'll tell you....but not today, nor have the LRP's arrived here yet but they will before the end of the month....anyone like a wager ? Today there were 3 Spotted Redshank, 2 Greenshank, 220 Redshank, a Grey Plover, Snipe, Goosander, Little Grebe, and a Goldeneye. The Lune estuary from Glasson Dock was nothing but water save 10 Goldeneye, probably all that remains of the species her now. Three Brown Hare were in a running battle from Bodie Hill, and on Moss Lane there was 12 Whooper Swan's to be seen today.
Though we tried a few location's from here on we found nothing of note and ended the day at the feeding station on Bradshaw Lane where at least some 'good' species can be seen giving some excellent photographic opportunities including 9 Yellowhammer, 10 Tree Sparrow, 2 male Reed Bunting, 2 Dunnock, 2 Stock Dove the male of which displayed on a couple of occasions, and a Buzzard seen from here.

The Black - tailed Godwit pic was taken at Cockersands but not today....I'm running out of 'birdy pic's' HELP !


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Birding can never be boring cos evn if its the same two days running you wouldn't expect it to be therefore that wouldn't be boring. QED Unless you're a chavvy teenager of course then EVETYTHING is boring..keep those pics coming!


Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Dave, good to see you're looking in now and again.

Haven't heard from you for a here that is.


Pete Woodruff said... the wrong D. A combination of age and taking the wrong tablets.

Thanks for your contribution D it is much appreciated.