Tuesday, 31 March 2009

On Cue.

With JB today we sped (well I knew we were speeding but I don't think John noticed) to Conder Green as today was the day I was to be proved wrong about some birds arriving on Conder Pool....but I'm 'avin none of it and there they were two smart Little Ringed Plover on cue and bang on target on the same date as 2008. Excellent SP I'm not having it that anyone should think I found them in 2009 as we both know I didn't but you did....just don't do it again! 

Also noted here today, 4 Spotted Redshank, 2 Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, a Little Grebe, and 3 Goldeneye. At Glasson Dock a Swallow was my first of the year (another single over C'sands later) and a Raven flew NW over the basin where there are 5 Great - crested Grebe and a Little Grebe to note.

On the estuary of note, c.120 of Black - tailed Godwit and a similar count of Bar - tailed Godwit, 2 Little Egret, c.1,000 Knot, and 2 Greenshank. A drake Goldeneye may well be the last of the three figure number peak seen on here during this winter. From Jeremy Lane 2 Grey Partridge seen.

At Cockersands the ones qualifying for my book today were c.65 Black - tailed Godwit, 5 Eider, and the Little Owl seen again in its favourite tree behind you know where by now. Three Small Tortoiseshell were the first butterflies this year for me.

On Pilling Marsh there are still c.1,000 Pink - footed Geese, and 2 Little Egret seen today. A short walk in the direction of Cockers Dyke was rewarded with 3 Wheatear.

And finally......John and I had agreed the Short - eared Owl on Bradshaw Lane would surely have departed by now but were both convincingly proved incorrect when it put in the briefest of appearances.

For the record....The drake Eider pic was taken by me some time ago at Rossall Point.


Richard Shilling said...

Hi Pete, Keep 'em coming. I was down at Cockersands yesterday evening. Wasn't it wonderful and warm? The water was like a mill pond. Shame about the wally on a quad bike disturbing the idyll. Never seen a little owl, so I will need to take the binos down there and try and find him. Still reading avidly so keep up the good work.

Had a great time watching the kingfishers at the Lune the other week. I find them utterly charming birds. There were a pair of goosanders there too.

All the best.


Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks as ever for comments Richard. Your probably of the same mind as me re 'wallies' on quad bikes. I really think this planet is for us ALL to enjoy as best and in what ever way we can. Just that places like the shore at Cockersands are not ideal for such 'sport'. A close friend and nature man once made a simply superb comment one day when we experienced something like your 'biker' at Cockersands when he said 'THANK GOD FOR BLACKPOOL'....trouble is they don't all go there.

Don't miss much - if anything - on your site either Richard.