Friday, 19 June 2009


......unfortunately, and to make matters worse until Monday with commitments I cannot dodge no matter what. So to keep the blog simmering on the back burner here are a couple of excellent photographs I have been kindly sent by two people I've met, one on a couple of occasions and the other just once but both of whom have given me the permit to copy on to Birds2blog.

The male Merlin pic is credited to Peter Guy who I had the good fortune to meet on one of my recent visits to the Cross of Greet area and with whom I had an interesting conversation. Incidentally, whilst the Stonechat is by far my most favourite 'passerine' and leaves all the others standing, the Merlin is equally by far my most favourite 'raptor'......thanks Peter excellent stuff!

The Hooded Crow is credited to John Fox who was one of the five in the 'Irish Contingent' I accompanied to Barbondale on Thursday 28 May and who also has sent me some excellent examples of his photography to use on my blog......thanks John. I didn't believe my ears when one of the five told me whilst watching a Carrion Crow that he hadn't seen this bird in Ireland but that he had a regular Hooded Crow visit his garden as a common bird just like the one in the pic......did you know that?......I certainly didn't and it brought home yet again that there is always something new (well for me anyway) to learn in birding on a daily basis.

Many thanks again to Peter and to John.

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