Monday, 1 June 2009

Simply the Best!

I'm talking about the Cross of Greet and surrounding area where I spent a serious seven hours today including a visit to a woodland I had to apply for permission to enter......amazing stuff!

I left the car at the top cattle grid at precisely 9 o'clock and proceeded on a birding day to remember and on which I was more than a little rewarded for my efforts, the only negative about which was, during the seven hours here I found just 2 Stonechat, a male and female a mile apart and both OOA. This - along with the disappointment last Thursday at Newby Moor - is something of a worry both locations being well established as Stonechat strongholds, but the jury is out on this one for the time being and there ends the first lesson.

I found an impressive 10 Whinchat here today, including five in the LDBWS recording area, the other five were seen during a skirt along the lower slopes of Bloe Greet where I had excellent views of a male Hen Harrier over the ridge, 2 Peregrine Falcon, and 2 Raven. A Cuckoo called just once and I counted at least 28 Meadow Pipit, 4 Wheatear, and a Mistle Thrush. By Cross of Greet Bridge I saw 2 Sand Martin and 2 Grey Wagtail. In the woodland which I visited on the way home and is probably the best and most attractive one I ever entered particularly as the Bluebell's are at their best right now, I had more excellent views, this time of Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, a pair of Redstart at a nest site, and heard Tawny Owl and Great - spotted Woodpecker

I'd like to express my gratitude to the landowner for granting me the permit to enter this piece of prime woodland, a picture of which is attached to this post. I saw a least 8 Painted Lady on the day, and if you're reading this BR it was a pleasure to see you today.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Great account of a wonderful day's birding in the wilds of Bowland. Enjoyed your company very much and we must do it again sometime.

Thanks again and take care.

Richard Shilling said...

Oh how I'd love to see a hen harrier. Nice one Pete, sounds like you had a great day.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes we probably should/will Brian.

Always in with a chance of HH if you fancy a few hours up there with me Rich.

Regards to both and thanks for comments.