Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Three Up/Three Down.

Well three (hours that is) down on the coast then three up in the Trough but doesn't quite have the same 'ring' with it that way does it.

With JB today and we first headed to Conder Green where things were a little quiet - well it is June - but a Grey Plover in the Conder channel was in pristine summer plumage, and thankfully at least one of the Little - ringed Plover showed itself but you do really have to wonder, 1) are there still two birds on Conder Pool, 2) are they breeding, 3) are there any young yet. A Greenfinch was a must to record with the species seeming to become increasingly more difficult to find. On the canal basin at Glasson Dock the Mute Swan family is still fully intact with 7 cygnet's, also two Great - crested Grebe here don't appear to have any young at this stage.

At Cockersands 36 Eider counted, and two Great - crested Grebe, whilst c.550 Oystercatcher were on Plover Scar. Two Grey Partridge were running around bewildered at lots of agricultural machinery in the fields gathering in the harvest and probably a few nest's/egg's/young like there was no tomorrow. At the caravan park end and towards Bank End c.320 Large/Small White, 9 Painted Lady, 6 Wall Brown, and a single Small Tortoiseshell.

Up into the hills, and at Marshaw where the Common Sandpiper is almost certainly breeding as viewed from the cattle grid, one bird seen. At various points between here and Trough Bridge, a Wren was seen with 5 young, the Coal Tit is still feeding young in a nest hole just below the busy road, a Mistle Thrush, 2 Dunnock. Two Grey Wagtail were living and probably breeding in a danger zone and will be for the rest of the summer months with picnic people dotted here and there in the brilliant sunny weather we are having at the moment. A Spotted Flycatcher was seen just up the road from Trough Bridge.

In Abbeystead at Stoops Bridge the male and female Pied Flycatcher are feeding young in the natural nest hole, and a Garden Warbler just about managed to break into song and was never heard again. At Christ Church another Spotted Flycatcher seen here again but the House Martin mystery took on another twist when not a single bird was seen today despite up to ten having arrived here when we visited last Friday......I'm at a loss as to what is happening here this year.

I hope I can be excused making a statement without words with today's two pics from about another two dozen on the same subject I could have taken in the beautiful Trough of Bowland between Marshaw and Trough Bridge.


Richard Shilling said...

Last time I went to the trough early on a Sunday morning, there was a still lit fire burning quite fiercly next to Langden Brook and a group who had parked their van with barbeque, ghetto blaster (the works) had just left and they had also left a smouldering bonfire. I just can't fathom why people like that go to our beautiful natural places (it must be because they like our beauty spots) only for them to leave their **** behind and spoil it for everyone else! There are plenty of crappy bits of wasteland for them to inhabit that are full of rubbish already. Then you have the national sport of smashing glass and my other favourite pastime chucking rocks off cliffs or crags with people below. (Happened to me lots at Heysham). Still the only thing worse than putting up with idiots/fly tippers/litterers/noisy people is being one! So take heart that you and I are not that sort of person!

Chris Stevenson said...

glad to see you saw a Greenfinch at Conder. Two days ago I saw my first greenfinch on our feeders for about a month. A few years ago there were loads and barely any Goldfinch, this situation has now completely reversed.

Pete Woodruff said...

Two interesting comments. The first from Rich is excellent and well worded to which I'm adding nothing as I vowed to steer clear of controversy on my blog and have tried hard to keep it that way......Thanks Rich.

I'll do some more 'homework' on the Greenfinch Chris before making any further comments on the species but one thing for sure its no longer your average everywhere/everyday bird......Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete
We have these people up here in SW Scotland,they are all from the same stable,a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show.The litter round Loch Lomond is so bad they should change the name of that old song to.Me and my true love will never meet again,on the murky dirty banks of Loch Lomond.