Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Golden Day.

After weeks of having us on the run the Conder Pool Little Ringed Plover were finally nailed. Thanks to a Lapwing with three downy young which was in the process of seeing off an adult LRP and having waited a few minutes for the bird to show itself from behind the island it/they have been hiding behind since their arrival two and a half month's ago on 31 March which amazingly was the same date as 2008, I went to the far viewpoint and scanned the area hidden from view at the platform to find the two adult LRP's and young......excellent stuff, the only downside of which is, if there really is only the one chick I wonder why. Also here today was the sight of a superb summer plumage Spotted Redshank

At Cockersands, 4 Painted Lady and a Wall Brown were the only butterflies seen here today other than the 'white's'.

We're in the Trough now and at Marshaw JB found the Common Sandpiper pair near the cattle grid with a well advanced young bird, but the four adults I saw on 9 June at the bridge on the Hawthornthwaite access track were nowhere to be seen. At the back side of the plantation behind Tower Lodge I found a Spotted Flycatcher and a smart male Redstart and if you're going to look for these birds here please don't find a Woodchat Shrike, it really isn't allowed.

At Abbeystead JB and I went to see if predictions had come to pass that the young Pied Flycatcher's would have flown the nest now and I went off to track down a singing male Blackcap rather than just settle for hearing the bird when a movement to my right took my eye, lo and behold, a male Pied Flycatcher was seen feeding at least two of the fledgling's....great stuff.

Last call of the day had to be to collect what can really only be conclusive evidence that save two pair visiting nest's at Christ Church the House Martin colony here has collapsed, or perhaps more appropriately didn't develop in 2009. The good news from here was excellent views of Spotted Flycatcher with JB watching one bird whilst I watched another.

The pic's today are with thanks to David Cookson for the LRP, and Brian Rafferty for the PF.

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