Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Richard Shilling recently visited Ribblesdale five times in a week if I'm not mistaken and the photograph above is his creation he called Maple Ice Windows.


Richard returned to Ribblesdale the following day to photograph his sculpture this time in sunlight, the result of which is obvious compared to the previous one taken with a snow laden sky in the background.


This photograph is a longer shot of the sculpture illustrating the superb surrounding landscape and the equally superb shadow's the low sun has created.


Photographically this is my most favourite image of them all and I have come to admire and appreciate Richards photography in equal measure to his Landart. Thanks once more for helping me to brightening up Birds2blog Richard whilst the birding takes a back seat during this 'nice to look at' but pretty serious freezing condition's we are all suffering one way or another at the moment, the consequences for the birds will become more apparent as time passes until the thaw arrives.

......and a couple of sightings - both unusual - on Sunday I forgot to mention, a Raven flew NW over Morrison's Car Park in Morecambe, and a Jay was on Quarry Road in Lancaster.

I think it's time I mentioned that I have two copies of the excellent book 'The Birds of Lancashire & North Merseyside' by Steve White, Barry McCarthy, and Morris Jones. The explanation being that it was a rather unfortunate mistake that I had two delivered and paid for and despite some considerable long drawn out attempts at returning one I was in the end unsuccessful in being able to do so. If there's anyone out there who would like to offer me £30 (RRP £40) or some other reasonable offer then please let me know.



Richard Shilling said...
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Richard Shilling said...

Blogger Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Pete, it certainly was a spectacular day up in Ribblesdale last Sunday.

Here are some links if anyone wants to see more:-

Thanks again.


:2nd try as I got one link wrong!

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Rich, but the big thanks comes from me as it helps considerably at times like this when - for one reason or another - I'm not birding and the page filler comes from your Land Art.

The link's are useful and I'm convinced will be put to good use by visitor's to Birds2blog. Obviously the link's don't highlight in the comments section of Blogger......I wonder why not.