Wednesday, 27 January 2010

In the picture!

I can think of a hundred ways to fill the gap on a birding blog but I reckon one of the the best way's is to flag up some more images from three of my contributors to Birds2blog starting with an excellent one of the amazing Bare-throated Bellbird  taken by intrepid globetrotter/birder Colin Bushell on his trip to Brazil in 2008.

This image of the Isabelline (Daurian) Shrike was taken by another intrepid globetrotter/birder Mike Watson on his trip to Bahrain in 2009. Mike refers to this bird in his diary as 'lovely' to which I readily agree.


And last - but definitely not least - the Barn Owl is one from the archives of Brian Rafferty Wildlife Photographer blog. Brian won't have to mind my noting on Birds2blog that he holds the distinction of having achieved two first record photographic images in my opinion, those of a Hobby at Leighton Moss during the summer in 2009, and that of the recent Stonechats feeding through an ice-hole as a unique act of cold weather survival as previously reported both on Brian's blog and on here.

Thanks again Colin/Mike/Brian, this blog would have been virtually void of picture's had it not been for your allowing me access to your photograph's. I'll try to showcase some more of my photo contributor's next time, and please remember they can all be linked to via my sidebar.


Colin Bushell said...

You're too kind Pete. Might have some new ones for you next month - off to Venezuela.

Pete Woodruff said...

Look forward to the results of your trip to Venezuela. Bon Voyage and good birding whilst there Colin.

My Regards.