Monday, 8 March 2010

Another day....

Corn Bunting courtesy of Phil Slade.

....nearer to spring and another Stonechat 'up from the south' and the pic above which has absolutely nothing connected with today's proceedings but is an excellent image of a Corn Bunting one of which I'm prepared to take bets you won't see in the LDBWS recording area this year and possibly/probably never again....sad thought and hope I'm proved wrong one day....Thanks for the pic Phil.

At Conder Green the traditional circuit with eyes peeled and peering into every nook and cranny revealed the Common Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, and Greenshank. On Conder Pool  3 Little Grebe - and one upstream from the road bridge - 18 Wigeon, 22 Tufted Duck, and 26 Common Gull. For the second consecutive visit to the area I decided to skip Glasson Dock preferring to go Jeremy Lane where the swans have deserted the area but 19 Whooper Swans were seen from Moss Lane.

At Cockersands my second returning Stonechat was a female foraging the tide wrack and had taken over from the wintering male which was last seen in the same area on 22 February. Also on a quiet headland only visit I noted 7 Eider by the lighthouse, a single Skylark, and a Stoat. A relatively short visit to Fluke Hall produced c.50 Twite in the field just west of the slipway, also c.1,500 Pink-footed Geese, and 2 Ruff were in the stubble field opposite the Wheel Lane/Fluke Hall Lane junction.

American Wigeon/Whooper Swan courtesy of Angie Bushell.

And hows this picture for long odds on achieving a drake American Wigeon and Whooper Swan in the same frame at Dumfries and Galloway Friday 5 February....excellent and many thanks Mrs B! 


Ray said...

I hope your title refers to the Roy Harper song... great version on youtube with Kate Bush plus Peter gabriel singing it.
This from ray

Pete Woodruff said...

Tell you what Ray....I'm always really pleased to see people like you are looking in on Birds2blog as I do on 'mostlybirdingwithray' on a daily basis. Your blog has a certain uniqueness about it which I think you should be credited I'm doing now, but make the best of it as I don't sing the praises of other people on a whim.

As to you question....I've never been a 'fan' of KB & PG, but seeing that you brought up the subject of singer/song writers as a diversion from the birds, I'll let you into something you may not appreciate or have even ever heard of for that matter but....The live recording of Supertramp on an album named Paris is THE all time best album EVER and one I've listened to several hundred time and never tire from hearing it.

This reply to you is by far my longest ever so....Now back to birds please!

Colin Bushell said...

Er hold on Pete. What's all this "biggin-up" Mrs B please? Enough of all this or I'll have to hide the camera as well as her bins! She'll be out finding local rarites while I'm away next .....


Warren Baker said...

Nice to see your 'chats' coming back Pete.

Too bloody cold for anything here!

Pete Woodruff said...

A great pic is a great pic Colin and if I can get away with goes on Birds2blog. What you do with Mrs B's camera/bins is your problem.

Thanks for comments Colin and good to keep things 'light' now and again. I haven't forgot the HOM meet by the way, just finding the time to fit it in.

Still cold up here in the north but the Stonechats are returning bang on time Warren.