Sunday, 28 March 2010

Melt Down!

Well I rarely - if ever -  get to go birding over the weekend leaving it all to the stalwarts. Add to this weekends non-birding, the long range weather forecast appears to dictate I'll get out little this week either and everything birding related - including Birds2blog - is entering melt down. Thankfully I can fall back on to some excellent photographs to showcase with a superb trio including two from Mark Fellowes who has recently agreed to allow his work on to my blog. Please take a look at Mark's blog HERE and Paul Bakers Flickr photostream HERE they will both appreciate this as I will too.

This is the first - hopefully of many - of Mark Fellowes excellent wildlife images and is of the smart little Hooded Merganser at Radipole Lake in Dorset.


And the second is of the Laughing Gull which appropriately - as the bird is of American origin - Mark photographed on the lamp post outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Reading, Berkshire. Nice one Mark and thanks again for these two introductions on my blog to your superb photography.

Paul Bakers image is an interesting one as Paul claims it to be a hybrid Red-shafted x Yellow-shafted Ficker. Another nice one Paul and thanks....very interesting indeed. 


Warren Baker said...

I might have to take a leaf from your book Pete, and get some pics from other blogs, the weather is closing in again!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Just took off better than I ever thought it would Warren and I often thank my contacts publicly and privately for allowing me to use their images.

By the way I haven't always been given permission by some and that's both understandable and acceptable too.