Tuesday, 30 March 2010


....some more images today as I started a project this morning 'thinking the weather would remain stinking' - good little rhyme - but this afternoon as I write up this post the sun is out and so should I be but life's a bitch at times and that's the way it goes.

Alice in Wonderland.

I haven't showcased any of David Cooksons images for some time now and David has a new website to add to his updated blog both of which I'd suggest are well worth a look at here and can always be linked to via my sidebar to find out why he has given the Barn Owl image above this curious title.

A quite amazing photograph of the Long-tailed Tit frozen in space which David titles Tora Tora Tora and you can see why if you link as above, an interesting little tale....Thanks for these stunning images David.

Nor have I shown any of Richard Shillings excellent Landart creations recently, not connected with the purpose of Birds2blog but these diversions are a necessity at times like this and Richards work is always interesting and much more creative than my brain would muster to think up.

Just to remind you that Richard doesn't carry any materials with him but collects them at or en route to the location of his creation which in my book makes them all the more inventive. Have a look at his artwork here to find out what these two works are called....Thanks for these two images of your latest work Richard.

Hairy-footed Flower Bee.

And finally....I'm putting this image on the main page, it was initially posted in the sidebar where I'm of the opinion that fair justice isn't given to the photograph in there because of it's macro format. My thanks to Mark Fellows for this.

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