Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Leopards at Risk.

ARKive video - Snow leopard climbing across rocks

All a bit gloomy but this is the real world....So if you have a few moments to spare please take a look at Leopard Alert and maybe sign the petition.

Greylag Goose. Phil Slade

On a lighter and interesting note I have information on a Greylag seen by a Fylde birder at Hakenshall Hall recently. Thanks to Kane Brides at WWT and to Dr John Bowler, Tiree Officer, RSPB Scotland who forwarded me the information on this bird, and to the birder who gave me permission to make enquiries about it on his behalf.

The bird was collar marked in a programme at Loch an Eilein on the Isle of Tiree, Argyll on 4 July 2009. This individual stayed on Tiree until February 2010 when it then moved to Martin Mere WWT in Lancashire and seems to have then wandered around in Yorshire/Lancashire. This bird is the only one out of over 1,250 Greylags ringed on Tiree and Coll since 1998 that - as far as is known - has ever ventured beyond the west coast of Scotland.

If you're reading this AC I need to contact you with some more for your interest on this sighting but have no contact details for you, you can find my email address in my sidebar under 'Contact Me'. Many thanks again to all three for this, much appreciated and very interesting.

No birding today, but can't wait until tomorrow to get out there and do some.

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