Saturday, 12 March 2011

Turtle Trade.

But whats this got to do with birds on Birds2blog....well nothing, but I reckon these are the sort of issues we really need to keep up to date with and from a personal point of view my passion doesn't end with birds but continues through the whole range of wildlife and related matters throughout the world. So if you don't mind the diversion then please read on.... 

Tesco Turtles.

If you don't link to the Wildlife Extra website from my sidebar from time to time I think you should, there's a mountain of info on there and currently includes an interesting story I think will sicken you and will hopefully give you food for thought on whether or not we should all buy our bread and milk elsewhere until the powers that be put a halt on this barbaric practice. Your link is Wildlife Extra 

On a lighter note....

Grey Plover. Geoff Gradwell  

An excellent photograph from GG of the Grey Plover showing its diagnostic black axillaries - contrasting with white underwing-coverts - which are always present and are a unique fieldmark for this bird. It is the best photograph of it's kind I've seen in ages. One thing for sure you're not going to confuse this species with any other 'plover' once you've seen the 'soot' under this birds armpits.

Jackdaws. Brian Rafferty

Another of those pics I can't resist showing, an excellent pose by these two Jackdaws and photographically as good as they come. Thanks to GG and BR. 

I've seen one or two records of Sand Martin and White Wagtail today, in the case of the former - as I write - the nearest one being at Brockholes Quarry LWT.

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