Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hitting the Headlines.

This is certainly worth viewing.

I did a bit of digging into my records again today and found some of interest hitting the headlines from the past which I either found or observed, but first....

Ringed Plover. Cliff Raby

A brilliant photograph of the Ringed Plover coming in to land....great stuff.


Ferruginous Duck. Skerton Weir 23 April.
Wood Warbler. Gibson Wood 1 May. *
Dotterel. (13) Ward Stone 6 May.
Wood Sandpiper. Conder Green 5 August.
Painted Lady. Path to Eric Morecambe Hide at Leighton Moss 11 August. A three figure number in excess of 100.
Black-winged Pratincole. Carnforth Marsh 25 August.
Little Stint. (70) Eric Morecambe Complex 21 September. 130 here during Sept 24-28, an all time record.
Black Brant. Pilling Marsh 21 December. **


American Wigeon. Heysham Harbour 25 January.
Rough-legged Buzzard. Whitendale 12 April.***
Glossy Ibis. (2) Pilling Marsh 23 April.
Sanderling. (10,000) Ainsdale Beach 24 May.****
Crossbill. (30) Langden Brook 28 June.
Lesser Yellowlegs. Eric Morecambe Complex 18 October 1995 and 13 September 1997.*****
Crossbill. (50) Helsington Barrows.

* The Wood Warbler returned to Gibson Wood for five consecutive years, but not since to my knowledge.

** The Black Brant - Eastern Siberian/North American - on Pilling Marsh from 17 December 1996 until 22 February 1997 at least, is the only Lancashire record for the species.

*** This - or another - Rough-legged Buzzard at Whitendale was observed on several occasions by many birders here between February 1996 until March 1998 at least, albeit with long periods of absence. 

**** I think it may be some time - if ever - before I see the amazing sight of 10,000 Sanderling on Ainsdale Beach - or anywhere else - again.

***** The Lesser Yellowlegs were both found on the Eric Morecambe Pool at Leighton Moss and is my best 'double' to date. 

And finally....

Red Kite. Chris Raby

Another of CR's brilliant photographs, this one of the Red Kite....Appreciate these Chris.


Warren Baker said...

Those were the days Pete :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

WOW!....A bit of 'sharp shooting' there Warren, with your comment six minutes after my posting this.