Monday, 18 April 2011

Things ain't....

....what they used to be.

In a hours time as I write I'll be aboard a train going to the capital for a couple of days which means I'm off the 'birding road' until Thursday at the earliest. OK, now I know this isn't life changing news for anyone out there other than me, more to the point who else cares, in this regard I'm not the happiest birder in the world I can tell you but....thats the way it is, birding and Birds2blog is no more for a few days and I'm now going to shut up. 

ARKive video - Spotted flycatcher hunting moth

On a brighter note when I return I'm looking forward to finding some of these little beauties, and I know several places where I will....when I do I'll let you know.

Pied Flycatcher. Mike Watson.

I also know a few places where I can find the Pied Flycatcher and I look forward to seeing my first this year soon. Mike Watson found this one singing in the Hodder Valley on 16 April, a day earlier than the mean date of arrival in Lancashire....nice one Mike, and many thanks for the photograph.

And finally....

Redstart Male
Redstart. Brian Rafferty

Probably the most colourful migrant I'll see this summer the brilliant male Redstart, hope you do too. Thanks for the photograph BR.

I'D SOONER BE BIRDING....but if I'm not by Thursday the Easter weekend follows and by then depression will have really taken a hold. Total confidence will only come on Tuesday 26 April and that's eight days away....doesn't bear thinking about. 

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