Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Normal Service....

....will be resumed tomorrow, but thats not guaranteed I can tell you. I also found another two excellent photographs to enhance the blog, the first of which is the Chiffchaff.

Chiffchaff. Warren Baker  

OK, I know no one will be remotely interested in what I've been up to the past couple of days, in any case 'whats this got to do with birds'.... But I must draw attention to a shop I visited in London on Monday and which I have decided - for my own reasons - not to name on Birds2blog but in which I was pretty shocked at discovering just two items on sale in this place before I made a rapid exit to escape the obscenities I found there. The first price-tag I looked at was attached to a 'small' silk scarf and was £450, now I'm probably loosing my ability to keep in touch with reality here people really want to pay this much for a small scarf, well it seems some do, and one or two inside this shop obviously could, but bearing in mind the passion for birds my interests don't end with them but carry on through all wildlife and accompanying conservation and persecution issues and there was worse to come. Peering into an elaborate glass case I was horrified to see a handbag made from the skin of a Python priced at £2,100....I refuse to say more or make any other political comments on this matter and end my soapbox piece there.

I watched an unfortunate Kestrel in the lofty heights at Euston Station concourse today having obviously strayed in through some gap somewhere maybe never to find its way back out again, I drew a policeman's attention to the unfortunate creature but he was preoccupied and on the look out for other types of strays I'm afraid. 

And pic No 2....

Hopefully birding tomorrow....Thanks for the photographs WB/DC, much appreciated.


Warren Baker said...

Nice Chiify shot Pete ;-)

Welcome back to reality :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

As good a shot that I've seen of the Chiffchaff in recent times and thats why it's on Birds2blog Warren.