Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Drawing your attention.... an excellent illustrated story....A couple of links to more on the 'Icechat' in the previous post....And three excellent photographs.

Surprise, surprise, another post despite my early retirement from birding!

Photograph courtesy of Martin Jump. 

Martin Jump paid a visit to Newton Marsh, a decision he made to be at the right place at the right time to witness and photograph nature in the raw. I have no intention of 'stealing' Martins story and you can read his account, and view his excellent illustrations if the whole event HERE

If it was the first time you heard about the Stonechat in yesterdays post and you remain interested in this remarkable event you can get more on the story HERE and a little more HERE

And the three excellent photographs are....

Grey Wagtail.Geoff Gradwell

The 'wagtail' with the longest excellent shot of this bird in its natural habitat and its brilliant reflection....nice one GG.

Iceland Gull. Cliff Raby

A nice bird at Marton Mere, Blackpool. Good numbers of the species at various locations at the moment especially up north with double figures in Scotland.  An excellent image of this bird Cliff.

Short-eared Owl. David Cookson

Well you can never tire of 'owl' pics of this calibre, another excellent shot of this stunning bird with its undercarriage down....nice one DC.         

Thanks once more to Martin/Geoff/Cliff/David for the excellent photographs. 

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Rohrerbot said...

That is one HOT owl shot!!! What a great pic! You never can get bored with these birds. Anything they do is worthy of a picture:)