Monday, 5 March 2012


Well, you might suppose it would be as well to turn my attentions to photographs or maybe a bit of my birding history and change the name of the blog, but heyup....there's a pretty good 99.9% chance of a days birding tomorrow - Tuesday - so if you happen to bump into some oddball who's grinning from one side of his mug to the other its PW doing the rounds and boy will I be in serious birding mode, watch this space....if you're interested that is.

By the way I've seen another Stonechat record from Barbondale today, now there's a thought, and another kindly passed on to me from Foulshaw Moss, now there's another thought. Also the first record for 2012 of a Sand Martin at Cockermouth, Cumbria this morning. And here's a spell checker has just suggested correcting Cockermouth to 'Blabbermouth'....well I know one or two of those!

So, here are the pics - with waffle from me kept to an absolute minimum - from four of the many birder/photographers I know well, and who kindly allow me to share their brilliant images to liven up the posts on Birds2blog....

Great Grey Shrike Colin Bushell 

Butcher bird the Great Grey Shrike which CB saw over the borders in Scotland recently....

Nuthatch Phillip Tomkinson

One of PT's brilliant images from his library of the Nuthatch....

Frogs David Cookson
And as no doubt everyone will have appreciated DC's frog picture yesterday, here are two more....frogs.

Duke of Burgundy Marc Heath 

And as MH commented on this excellent image of the Duke of Burgundy butterfly, 'it won't be long now'.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete.Enjoy your day's birding deserve it.
Looks like a nice day !!

Christian said...

The frogs just get better and better! That DC sure knows what he's doing!

Love the Nuthatch too, what a bird.

Have a good day and don't forget your camera battery, like I did the other day after a half hour drive.

David Cookson said...

Hope you have enjoyed your day Pete, dentist for me. Look forward to your report.

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks Brian/Christian/David.

Watch this space - whilst not holding your breath - for a depressing report
6 March just gets worse!