Friday, 30 March 2012

The Shilling is back....

....and it used to be worth five pence a few years ago, but this is another 'shilling'.

Its as good an excuse for a post as any....Landart artist Richard Shilling is back and I'm here to promote his new post....all non bird related but so what!

Annapurna-Leaf-Coloured-Discs. Richard Shilling. 

I've been worried and wondering where RS had got to for some time now - since late November actually - well now I know....he's been to Nepal. RS has been featured on Birds2blog before and I know lots of visitors like to be pointed in his direction. This fella lets you get inside his head and I strongly recommend if you want a good read you should go HERE

Cockersands Abbey. Peter Guy.

Continuing on the non-bird theme....If you like excellent scenery/landscape to accompany your birding then Cockersands can provide you with it. This is a pretty dramatic and stunning photograph of the old Abbey at Cockersands, where you'll be guaranteed a Wheatear on the masonry come the back end of the year, every year in my record book. 

Passing the light. Pete Woodruff.

Well you can tell its one of mine by the lack of quality in a photograph of the ship passing the lighthouse off Cockersands, another bit of brilliant scenery to add to your birding at an excellent location.

Short-eared Owl. David Cookson.

So there had to be a pic of a bird on a birding blog and they don't come any better than this one of the Short-eared Owl. And here's another guarantee....if it's excellent images of birds/wildlife you're after Here they are 


Rohrerbot said...

Love the last shot of the owl:)

kirstallcreatures said...

I'll be taking a look at Richard Shilling's post, thanks for the heads up. Linda

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Pete, only had two weeks in Nepal but it was fantastic. We did a fair bit of birdwatching including in the Terai which is world class. Saw several dozen species: Serpent Eagle, Oriole, Bee Eater, Treepie, Ibis, Paradise Flycatcher, Bulbul, Cuckoo-shrike. So very many and many more that I could list. Even saw a Stonechat perched on a corn ear outside our lodge. It was amazing. Did a jungle walk to see Asian Rhino and look for Tigers. Much luck on the former but none, apart from pug marks, on the latter.

Still doing the land art but not as much. Haven't been in Nepal all that time (I wish), and I don't post everything I make. Had a bit of artist's block and have been obsessed with cycling since October but going to Nepal has rekindled my enthusiasm for the art. Just part of life's rich tapestry.

Hope you get out some more soon.


Pete Woodruff said...


The 'owl' is brilliant isn't it, DC will note you said this.


RS will be pleased to see your comment, and I'm pleased you're still looking in on Birds2blog....Thanks.


Good to hear from you once again, but don't worry I know you're always in touch with my blog. Nepal sounds great.

Mark said...

Finding a few Stonechats around our way.
Separate pairs at Foulshaw Moss,Scout Scar and Bannisdale.
All the best
Mark[ see birds in south cumbria blog]

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for the Stonechat records man!