Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blogging for the sake of it!

Well you could accuse me of that, but this is serious, and even more serious because the post has no photographs and there's nothing more serious than that on this blog. 

I seem to recall not long ago that I made the statement that a post I was publishing was likely to be the shortest one ever by me, but this one will take the biscuit. 

At 10.00pm I had no intention of doing a post as I was out of time, but then I came across this 'new' group - well new to me - obviously another dangerous bunch escaped from a circus somewhere or other. I reckon particularly as people who love nature and in most cases of visitors to Birds2blog birds, we have a duty to keep up to date on what's happening that shouldn't be happening regarding what these people you are about to find out about would like to 'control' in their words - persecute in ours - but I'm beginning to  waffle so please take a very close look at THESE PEOPLE....well I'm not prepared to call them people at all.

By the can burn your England flags now!! 


Warren Baker said...

Another sad load of twats!!

Fay said...

I agree. Very sad. Things like this are worrying, people wanting to wipe out wildlife just so they can pursue a 'sport' (I use the term 'sport' in its' loosest possible sense).

Pete Woodruff said...

Possibly the most appropriate and forthright words you ever used on Birds2blog Warren....Thanks.

Thanks for looking in and for your comments Fay. Yes sad and worrying indeed.