Friday, 15 June 2012

Seven days later.

A week later and I was off yesterday on a mission again with JW, but first....

Little Ringed Plover. Copy Permitted.

I had a most enjoyable and rewarding 2.5 hours upstream from Bull beck on the River Lune where I found 6 Little Ringed Plover, seen as three pairs with no evidence of breeding and all six generally loafing about. I also noted at least 4 Common Sandpiper, 3 Redshank, a Grey Wagtail, a Reed Bunting, and a Song Thrush in fine voice. I have no idea of the status of the Sand Martin in this area but noted 'good numbers' again today as on 29 May.

Pied Flycatcher at various stages. Pete Woodruff.    

With the nest boxes to attend to with JW at Barbondale there was little time for other observations but I did note 3 Redstart, a Spotted Flycatcher, 3 Wheatear, a Nuthatch, and a Great-spotted Woodpecker which showed some unusual behaviour for me in that it was foraging amongst the bracken and made about three moves to different areas. I've not see this behaviour before with GSW and couldn't help feeling it was in the act of predating a ground nesting bird though I saw no evidence of success as it flew off.

Pied Flycatcher interest included retrapping a male ringed at Barbondale last year on 15 June 2011, and another male ringed at Selside in Cumbria as a nestling on 5 June 2010, retrapped at Barbondale on 7 June 2011, and again today 14 June 2012. Birds....they amaze me. 

This years breeding PF's here continues to be successful and the best year so far but the weather really does need to improve.

Human Remains. Pete Woodruff.    

Of course you can't go out into the countryside today without finding evidence of it having been visited by those I would rather wasted their lives away in front of the television watching Euro 2012. I found ten such remains of fires and garbage - enough to fill a wheelie bin - in a small area by Barbon Beck....makes me feel uncomfortable.


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Great news re the pied flys at Barbondale...rewards for your and JW's work with nest boxes etc..Barbondale is a very special place and long may it remain so. Let's hope this terrible weather goes away soon !! Enjoy the weekend.

geoff gradwell said...

I share your 'uncomfortableness' ... I don't think there is anywhere left....

Thanks for all the updates


Pete Woodruff said...

I thinks its essential for these - and many other breeding birds - to have some better chance of success Brian.

In turn I share your views on....'is there anywhere left'....Geoff.