Monday, 26 November 2012

An Unusual Saturday....

....Unusual for me as I rarely - if ever - get to do any birding on Saturday, but walking around in a circle in our living room proved the only remedy - short of being 'taken away by people in white coats' - was to get out there and do it for a couple of hours.

Chaffinch Isidro Ortiz

I decided to do some nothing too serious legwork around the Aldcliffe area and looked in on Freeman's Pools to note 2 Goldeneye and a 'few' Gadwall hauled out on the island. As I approached a maze field - now harvested - I noticed some movement which turned out to be in excess of a highly mobile 150 Chaffinch with which at least one Brambling had joined, c.50 Fieldfare were in a nearby tree, and 2 Little Grebe were on the wildfowlers pool. As I walked up Aldcliffe Hall Lane I saw a Great-spotted Woodpecker flying between trees. This really hadn't been a very serious afternoons birding for me, more a breath of fresh air....if there is a such a thing with the pollutions of the 21st century.  

Snow Bunting Geoff Gradwell

I made yet another compromise again yesterday with KT, when I was asked if I would I like a ride to look around Freeport at Fleetwood. I immediately said yes at the same time two birds at Rossall Point came to mind we went. The walk around the shops at Freeport was a bit of a drag, but I said absolutely nothing to KT in that regard smiling constantly, and we left. By 3.15pm after a little searching along the beach at Rossall Point we had 2 Snow Bunting in our sights which made up nicely for the previous couple of hours ordeal....though I did get a few Christmas bargains out of it.

And finally....

Waxwing Gary Jones 

Probably my last show of a Waxwing photograph - its getting a little out of hand - this one worthy of highlighting if only because the birds are well presented the picture in a tree without berries for a change, and yellow leaves, a brilliant study of the Waxwings in a slightly different environment.

Thanks to Isidro/Geoff/Gary for these brilliant pictures.


ray said...

I saw that Brambling too! Best wishes from Ray

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh, Ray....looking in on Birds2blog still, well I never.

Thanks, and glad you saw the Brambling.

Sharon Whitley said...

I can never get enough of the waxwing photos - they're up there happily digesting their berries before coming down for more! Haven't been lucky enough to see any since - I heard there were sightings in Mold where I was working last Thursday so spent my lunch break in the stated area, binocs at the ready, but not one was seen - mind you it was raining!

Warren Baker said...

Why, in the years we have maize stubbles here, are there never any finch flocks ? !

The only finch flocks are in my garden, well, they used to be :-)

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Peter. Nice pictures.. I love Ampelis.. Cheers!!!..

Adam said...

great birds