Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wilde About Wildlife.

I think its a good idea we all take a look at this young man setting out in the world to pursue his dreams in order to turn them into reality. From what I know about Findlay Wilde since he recently came on the blogging scene to announce his presence via his trips into the great outdoors, he is well on his way to becoming an ornithologist.

We need young people like this fella who will grow in the knowledge that wildlife above all else needs to be protected in a world that largely doesn't really know - and in lots of cases doesn't want to know - or care about it enough to value how much it matters that it exists and needs to exist in order that we humans can too.

Congratulations on this article Findlay, please be assured I - and many others I'm sure - am right behind you on your chosen interest, also be assured that the birds will become an addiction to you as they have with me, my passion for them grows by the day, if you think I can help in any way please get in touch. Meanwhile, I'd like to think you'll be paying a visit to my neck of the woods sometime soon, in which case I do hope we can meet, I think it would be a pleasure for us both. But please knowledge about the birds is relatively little and I have more to learn about them than I will be able to learn in my lifetime, its worth remembering, you can learn something new about this subject on a daily basis....I do.

Please read for yourself about Findlay Wilde in the Cheshire Life Magazine. 

We'd better end with a couple of pics I reckon. And look....No Waxwings!

Kestrel David Cookson

But two 'pics with a difference' this one of the Kestrel which I'd hazard a guess has pounced onto something from a height judging by its pose in the long grass, on the other hand it may have pounced and missed the target, either way this bird isn't where it is for the fun of it. Thanks David, your usual high standard of photography on display here again.

Wigeon Martin Jump  

And this brilliant one of the Wigeon showing its reflection in the perfectly still clear water, a beautiful drake, and a beautiful image. Thanks Martin, sorry to repeat myself but....another image showing your usual high standard of photography.   


Findlay Wilde said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am sure we can share some birding. From Findlay

Gary Jones said...

Great words Pete, Findlays blog is a breath of fresh air and really inspiring to see a young lad so passionate, it was a great article in Cheshire Life, and you are so right you never stop learning!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Findlay....You are welcome to the 'kind words' simply because you have earned them. Theres more to be said about you and the birds for another time.

Gary....My turn to thank you for your feedback and your kind words.

Adam said...

nice duck

Sharon Whitley said...

I'll echo all that - I'm sure one day I'll be able to say that I followed Findlay Wilde right from when he first started blogging - a future Simon King! Remember us all when you're famous won't you Findlay!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Pete, really nice to highlight this young man, you can feel the enthusiasm coming from his blog.
Thank you for your visit and comment and I totally agree the comments do mean a lot to us bloggers. All the best.

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam....Lovely drake and brilliant photograph.

Sharon.... Hes a bit more than something special isn't he and not at all brash with it, he impresses me tremendously.

Alan....As above Alan, and thanks for comment on comments, if you see what I mean.