Monday, 11 March 2013

Can't get out birding....

....but this is funny - though the subject matter isn't - but it fills my bird-less gap on Birds2blog.

The Modern Poisoners Society.

The  Modern Poisoners Society  walked off  with the  top prize  at last  night’s  annual Pinocchio Awards, held at a glittering ceremony on a hillside in an Angus glen.
The judging panel, exclusively made up this year by members of the Modern Poisoner Employers Society, said the decision was unanimous, and universal.
A spokesman for the panel, millionaire Sir Gideon Marmaduke Sinclair-Clementine said: 'We are delighted to recognise the winners capability to fabricate stories, often in the face of what might seem to be blindingly obvious truths. The fact that we employ these truth-distorters had no bearing whatsoever on our decision. They are universally the best liars this world has ever seen, and that’s no word of a lie'.
A spokesman for the Modern Poisoners Society, Carbofuran Campbell said: 'It’s great to get such universal recognition. We’ve made up shit for years and it’s gratifying that it’s finally been noticed. Thanks very much'.
A spokesman for the Royal Bird Protection Society said: 'For f****s sake, they told us they would acknowledge us in their acceptance speech, the fact they didn't just shows what untrustworthy lying bastards they are. Raptor Persecution Scotland 

This is  where  the  above 'fun' stops  and it  gets  serious.

Three  appropriate  images - don't forget to 'clik the piks' - all  victims  of  the  above members  of  the  MPS,  with  a  history  of   persecution  and  slaughter by  people  with dark and  tiny troubled  minds  still  living  in the Dark Ages.

Buzzard. Gary Jones.

The excellent soaring Buzzard, thanks to Gary....

Golden Eagle. Antonio Puigg. 

The stunning Golden Eagle, thanks to Antonio ....

Red Kite. Noushka Dufort. 
And the brilliant Red Kite, thanks to Noushka


Richard Pegler said...

Thank you, Pete, for this reminder of the lack of protection, and justice, that is afforded to our precious wildlife. We should all strive to see that this country (and, indeed, this world) drags itself out of the dark ages and comes to its senses.

Isidro Ortiz said...

Bonitas capturas de estas preciosas rapaces.Un abrazo

Adam said...

nice eagle