Monday, 4 March 2013

The World Wide Web!

I got a decent days birding in today but time prevents me from doing the days rewards justice on Birds2blog at the moment. So here is a little boast about the newest visitor to Birds2blog. Internet....International Network....WOW!!  

The visitor arrived today from Saint Pierre and Miquelon. These are islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, Northern North America, South of Newfoundland in Canada. First settled by the French in the early 17th century, the islands represent the sole remaining vestige of Frances once vast North American possessions. I reckon the flag is petty impressive, don't you!

Brown Hare Martin Jump

Another point of interest is that I was approached by someone at Cockersands today who asked me if I'd seen any Brown Hare. Until I was asked this question I hadn't realised that in fact Iv'e not seen many Brown Hare at Cockersands for some time now and certainly not recently. So the question now posed is....are there many - if any - Brown Hares in the Cockersands area which has been exceptionally good for the species in the past, I recall one day a few years ago when I walked from Glasson Dock to Cockersands and counted a staggering 32 Brown Hares. 

Perhaps you'd like to join me in noting any seen around here in the near future particularly during the month of March and the Mad March Hare. Thanks for the images Martin from your recent encounter. I must now make a special effort to see if I can find any around the Cockersands area.

Raven Gary Jones  

Well there's always room for a few pictures on Birds2blog, this time just the one, and an excellent one of the full frame Raven picking at something under the snow on one of Gary's mountain treks.


news said...

Hi Pete. BT & myself on Frid:past commented on where are the Hares only singles seen so far.All the best JWB.

Pete Woodruff said...

I'm intending looking into this John.

Good to hear from you again, also good to see your'e keeping as well as can be expected.