Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Barnie Bonus Day 2.

Returning from Bank End yesterday, I glanced at the rough field behind Bank Houses to see my second Barn Owl in two consecutive birding days, no doubt the same bird as the one seen on Moss Lane five days previous, but this is becoming interesting.

Turnstone. Gary Jones @  Walksnwildlife 

Plover Scar held just c.70 Turnstone at high tide, they actually soon flew off leaving the scar deserted, but c.80 Pink-footed Geese flew over heading south west, I saw a few small skeins of geese today in different areas and heading in different directions. In Bank Houses Horse paddock I counted 14 Blackbird, with a Sparrowhawk and Kestrel in the area. 

Reed Bunting. Bob Bushell @ Birdsfod 

On my way to Bank End I saw 6 Reed Bunting together in a bush, and several small flocks of 'finches' in frustrating silhouetted bouncing flight, and found just 2 Twite on the ground.

I had called earlier at Glasson Dock to find the tide had almost taken over, but up to 900 Redshank were hanging on to what mud was left, whilst 90 Curlew had taken to the marsh, 2 Red-breasted Merganser drake were noted.

At Conder Green, I found only 4 Little Grebe on Conder Pool, with 2 Snipe and 2 Greylag, a solitary Lapwing was noted, and wildfowl were present similar to my count five days ago, with up to 100 Teal, 50 Mallard, and 15 Wigeon.

Thanks to Gary and Bob for their much appreciated images.

The continuing Barn Owl story is coming soon! 


Marc Heath said...

I can't remember the last time I saw a Twite in Kent. Pretty rare down here. Keep up the good work Pete and a Happy New Year to you for 2016.

Pete Woodruff said...

Can't remember when I last saw many of the birds you see down there Marc, in fact quite a few....never.

Thanks for looking in and making your much appreciated comments Marc.

Warren Baker said...

Pete I'd take just one day of barn owl, a real rare bird for my patch! Happy new year mate!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Amber Listed of European conservation concern. I've never had three Barn Owl sightings in three consecutive birding days in my life before.

Thanks for looking in and making your much appreciated comments Warren.