Saturday, 12 December 2015

I Give In!

Keen as mustard again on Thursday, I was off to get a couple more hours in on the birding scene around the Lune Estuary, but unknown to me life had other plans.

The tide was high when I arrived at Conder Green to find the Spotted Redshank roosting with 22 Redshank, 8 Little Grebe were seen as six on Conder Pool, and two on the River Conder, 4 Snipe were on what little is left above water of 'Tern Island' with the boxes ever closer to drifting away.

Raptor Cockersands Lighthouse. Pete Woodruff.

At Cockersands, this raptor was on the railings of the lighthouse, there was little to go on for identity but I noted it to be a Merlin in the little black book, based purely on size. 

Now this was where the day began to go downhill....I had to make a hasty retreat from Plover Scar in the land of no hiding place as a rather large belt of rain headed towards me on the wind. I got back to the motor and as I drove along Jeremy Lane, a Buzzard was on a fence post but took to flight when it saw my approach.

decided to sit out the rain on Bodie Hill, after it had passed I pressed the starter button to find the motor acting unwell and refusing to fire up. Fifty minutes later, the rescue man from Green Flag told me the battery was 'rhymes with trucked'. I won't burden anyone with the story from then on....I GIVE IN!

Common Sandpiper.

Common Sandpiper Myrescough Quarry 10 December Stuart Piner

Interesting that SP found a Common Sandpiper on Thursday. Interesting in that I've not seen the Conder Green Common Sandpiper in six visits since 16 November. It's therefore possible that this quarry bird is one and the same moved on from Conder Green. A scarce wintering species in Lancashire and North Merseyside, I know of no other wintering Common Sandpipers in these recording areas other than the Conder Green bird, with just one other record on the Fylde on 27 January and 7 February 2014.


I see an interesting report of a possible pair of Stonechat seen from the Lillian Hide at Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve yesterday.

Thanks to SP for the Common Sandpiper collage, and to WB for the header Lesser Redpoll, both much appreciated.  


Warren Baker said...

Get all your sh*tty days out of the way now pete, ready for a clean start in the new year mate :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Oh yes, you found a Common Sandpiper, lovely beast.

Phil Slade said...

I admire your determination in the face of continuing adversity Mr W. A Peregrine in residence at the light I think.

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....Thanks, Happy New Year Ehhhh!

Bob...Thanks, well SP did.

Phil....Good to hear from you and many thanks for your comment/opinion, good to see you say 'I think'. You could of course be right, in which case I went for the wrong option. The one factor to deny me the ability to ID this bird was my optics which were like a jelly on a plate in the howler blowing at the time, but not knowing what you're looking at in birding makes the whole thing a waste of time.