Saturday, 20 August 2016

Out Of Business!

Fluke Hall - Cockers Dyke.

I've been out of the birding and computering business since Wednesday, when I'd call a wander along the coastal path from Fluke Hall to Cockers Dyke a decent couple of hours well spent, though the way there didn't produce any birds of note for the little black book, and the butterfly species and counts didn't amount to anything like what I had hoped for on the perfect day for them. Last year on 12 August I collected up to 200 butterflies of 9 species along this route. On Wednesday 4 species and 80 individuals were noted, the highest count of which were the at least 60 Large White, 11 Small Tortoiseshell, 8 Common Blue, and a single Gatekeeper.

Sandwich Tern. Jan Larsson @ Vingspann

Bad timing at Cockers Dyke, with around 300 gulls seen, predominantly Black - headed Gull, accompanied by 2 Sandwich Tern which added nicely to some interest.

Whinchat. Paul Foster @ Paulifos

It was good to find 4 Wheatear along the walk back to Fluke Hall, and even better when I got my sights on a small bird instantly not another Wheatear, but a smart Whinchat of the 1st winter kind. Three Linnet flew up off the sea defences, and a lone Tree Sparrow was on the path dealing with an insect in it's bill.

Conder Green.

I can't drive past Conder Green, and my car automatically refuses to as well. Calling in on Conder Pool on the way back to Lancaster, I saw the adult and juvenile Avocet, and counted 15 Little Grebe....but these are all accounted for in my previous post.

I'm hoping by Monday my four day birding blank will end....but who knows.

Thanks to Antonio for the header, and to Jan and Paul for their images....Excellent on all counts as always.


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Great!!! Kind regards

Bob Bushell said...

It gets so better, I love the Sandwich Tern.

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