Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The CP Avocets.

Conder Pool. 20 May.

On Friday 20 May I found two Avocet on Conder Pool, initially I thought this was a first for Conder Green, but my memory being what it is, I discovered my records show that two came - but didn't stay - on Conder Pool Tuesday 3 June 2014 as the first record for the pool. 

Conder Pool. 20 June. Simon Hawtin  

This years pair soon became evident they were intent on breeding, and a month later on 20 June they were seen accompanied by four chicks. However, as could have been predicted, the following day I found only three chicks, a week later on 27 June I found just two, three more days later and it was down to one lucky survivor, all the result little doubt to predation and life on the edge for these ground nesting birds.

Conder Pool. 12 July.

So this one Avocet chick now needed all the luck it could have to survive and record Conder Pools newest breeding record to follow on from the excellent breeding record of the Common Terns for the third successive year here.

Conder Pool. 25 July. 

Survive it did and we were able to see the advance in the birds growth towards fledging, and 15 days after I took this photograph, yesterday 9 August, I did the Conder Green circuit having not found the Avocets on Conder Pool, as I walked along the A588 between the bridge and Stork Inn, I found the adult with the juvenile close by, both feeding in the creeks with their distinctive sweeping action of their bills through the mud, the juvenile Avocet had fledged and Conder Pool had reaffirmed it's claim to fame....I was elated. 

It's worth noting, this juvenile Avocet could possibly hold one of the longest hatch to fledging records of at least 50 days. 

Thanks to Simon for his record shot of the four Avocet chicks on Conder Pool 20 June....other pics are yours truly.

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Marc Heath said...

A nice story and outcome Pete. Nice to see they did well this year.