Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pedigree Geese.

Red-breasted Goose. Braides 18 January. Chris Batty.

With thanks for a call yesterday from AC, I shot off from home at around 2.30pm, to drive 6 miles south on the A588, and have good views of a Red-breasted Goose (RBG) in a field between Braides and Sand Villa, the bird was in company with 8 Russian White Fronted Geese, 4 Barnacle Geese, and c.1,500 Pink-footed Geese....Geese with pedigree's. 

The RBG and some others were in a field by the junction of School Lane and Jeremy Lane this morning.

Thanks to Chris Batty for his image of the RBG, with a Russian White-fronted Goose and Curlew to the left, and the rear of a Pink-footed Goose to the right. 

A RBG on the Fylde on 14 October 2010 was the first record of the species accompanying Pink-footed Geese on the Fylde, and roamed around the area until last seen at Ridge Farm on 31 January 2011.

This is my second RBG, my first was on the sea off Cockerham Sand Caravan Park, with Wigeon and Teal on 8 January 2014, but although my sighting was in the water all the time I viewed it, this bird was know to have been a ringed individual recorded as an escapee.   

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