Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Time For A Rant.

Spare a minute to take a look at the video and reach your own conclusions about the sickening attitude the countryside Rambo's from the dark ages with guns have on the surplus Pheasants from a shoot, then ask yourself questions this why Natural England - Unnatural England actually - decided to hand out licenses to shoot Buzzard's to protect another bird species so that it can be shot then dumped in a stink pit to rot.

I can assure you there's nothing new here, I've found similar dumps in Bowland over the years, where I go as many times as anyone else does, and more times than most. On one occasion, as if to add to the sickness, the birds had been torched, which is what these same people will be doing to the moors shortly, all in the name of keeping an industry which kills for fun, thriving.

All this is the side salad of a multi-million pound industry, an industry involved in setting traps to kill anything which gets in the way of the success of it, the Fox, Stoat, and Weasel, are but a few examples, along with thousands of Mountain Hare slaughtered in Scotland annually.    


Warren Baker said...

Sickening aint it pete :-( More sickening that we can do nothing to stop them!

Pete Woodruff said...

Absolutely right Warren.

Iv'e every admiration for those who cry WE WILL WIN, realistically the problem with that cry, bloody won't.

Noushka said...

Oh my goodness how terrible, there are no words to describe how sick it makes me feel.
As Warren says: what we, the public, can do to stop this wildlife slaughter?....
Couldn't petitions work?
Kind regards, Pete

Pete Woodruff said...

Nothing works Noushka, places like the Forest of Bowland sit under a huge black cloud, and the powers of the land are with these people, take it from me, it's hard to imagine where we or wildlife can go for help to move forward with the fight, but we must keep on trying.

Richard Pegler said...

I'm totally with you, Pete, up to the point that you say that the voice of sanity can't win. I believe it can. The world is starting to see a phenomenon dubbed 'populism' at work, where the masses win over the influence of the controlling minority. Lately it's not worked as many of us would have hoped it might (I have Brexit and Trump in mind), but I believe that, with enough publicity and reason, the masses will eventually win over the barbaric and sadistic perpetrators of the abomination of 'hunting' and 'shooting' which, unbelievably, is considered by some to be 'sport'.

Please don't give up, Pete!

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Richard.

I can assure you that the big societies and trusts BTO/RSPB/NE do little - often nothing - to promote protection in many areas of raptor persecution, in fact in some cases they stand in the way of it....I'm certainly not likely to ever give up.