Monday, 10 July 2017

Putting The Record Straight.


I need to correct the records I published in my last post with regard to the Lancashire Keeled Skimmers. It was an oversight that a record of this dragonfly in 2015 was missed off the list I drew up in the post.

Keeled Skimmer. Birk Bank 22 July 2016. Pete Woodruff.

Starting with the first Lancashire record, the corrected list....

Grindleton Ponds/Levi Well 8 August 2013
Birkdale Dunes 3 July 2015
Birk Bank Bog 12 August 2015
Birk Bank Bog 22 July 2016
Birk Bank Bog 6 July 2017

As I've previously expressed, the Birk Bank Keeled Skimmer records are excellent news for our area having now been found there for three consecutive years. That said, my reporting of ovipositing being seen can only be accepted with caution with no photographic evidence available. 

Four-Spotted Chaser. Steve Graham.  

I'm grateful to Steve for sending me the images of the dragonflies he saw at Birk Bank Bog last Thursday, including this FSC....

Large Red Damselfly. Steve Graham.

....and the LRD....Thanks Steve. 


Richard Pegler said...

It's great news about the Keeled Skimmer's move to your neck of the woods, Pete. I've only seen this species once (a teneral female in Hampshire), but hope to improve on this next week when I'm down that way again.

Best wishes - - - Richard

Marc Heath said...

Good news about the Skimmers and an inspired post and read about some odonata.

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard....Good luck with your improved sightings of Keeled Skimmer in Hampshire. Thanks for your contributions on Birds2blog, they are much appreciated.

Marc....Thanks to you too, I appreciate your positive comments.