Sunday, 8 July 2018

Here We Go Again!

Avocet Conder Pool 6 July. Ian Pinkerton.

pair of Avocet now have three chicks on Conder Pool, they were introduced to all comers by being escorted to swim across the pool the whole way to disappear from view into the west corner....This unnecessary swim for these birds was to escape a pair of clowns that came upon the scene, and who just can't fall in with everyone else, but have to climb over gates and hedges to parade off-limits along the south side of the pool and cause disturbance to the birds which would have been much better out of sight as much as possible to escape the attention of predators like the Lesser Black-backed Gull which came overhead and dived at them, to thankfully be seen off the premises by the parent birds. 

Common Tern Conder Pool 6 July. Pete Woodruff.

Seven Common Tern were still on Conder Pool on Friday, with the three fledged birds on the pontoon with adults, and the Tern Island pair ongoing with their breeding attempt/s. 

Also of note on Conder Pool, 62 Redshank, 24 Oystercatcher, and 4 Little Grebe. In the creeks and channel, 13 Common Sandpiper and a Greenshank. It was interesting to see with the SwallowsHouse Martins, and even more interesting a Swift at Conder Green Farm which flew as if to go under the gutter, I've seen this behaviour before at this farm by the Swift where they have never bred to my knowledge. On a wander, Sedge Warbler and Whitethroat, with an Emperor Dragonfly and Brown Hawker seen on the canal again.

On a short circuit of Aldcliffe, 3 Chiffchaff, 2 Blackcap, a Whitethroat, and a Brown Hawker. But the main purpose of the visit was to see if I could find some butterflies....

Gatekeeper. Pete Woodruff.

Seen on the day, 16 Gatekeeper, of which 7 were on the coastal path at Conder/Glasson, where I saw a Silver Y in the churchyard at Glasson Dock. Also at Aldcliffe, 11 Meadow Brown, and singles of Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, and Speckled Wood.  

Many thanks to Bob Bushell for the excellent LRP header....A nice 'first' for you Bob.


Bob Bushell said...

Thanks for your header, and the Avocet and two little chicks.

Richard Pegler said...

Delighted to hear that the Avocets seem to be doing well, Pete, even if there are idiots out there that jeopardise their safety - I hope that they were on the receiving-end of some stern words.

Best wishes - - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...

Bob....Thank you for the header too. I removed most of the sun that was behind the bird, a bit late to apologise now, but hope you don't mind.

Richard....No, they were some distance away. I just wish they would stick to the 'rules' instead of being so bloody ignorant. The odds against the survival of these Avocet chicks are highly stacked against them without their intrusion added to it.