Tuesday, 3 July 2018

We Have Lift Off!

Another Red Letter Day, this time at Conder Green.

It's been an education to watch the various aspects of behaviour of this family of Common Tern over the past seven weeks, from arriving as a pair on Conder Pool, to making a scrape, brooding eggs, hatching, feeding chicks, to seeing the first fledged bird on the near island today.

It was pure magic and almost in disbelief to see the second fledged bird on the water for the first time in it's life, bathing and enjoying it's new found watery world....

....then taking to the wing for the first time, to fly around Conder Pool with such amazing agility, like it had been doing it for years, instead of having only discovered it could actually fly through the air just 5 seconds ago....breath taking stuff.

I'm grateful to Ian Pinkerton for these photographs, and for his dedication to monitoring these birds for hours on end over a 90 day period, and keeping me updated on 'what's going on at Conder Green' when I wasn't able to be there....Sterling work Ian, move to the top of the class!

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