Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Re-Run.

A re-run of Tuesday, and as then a check at Conder Green, followed by one at Heysham where - unfortunate for me - three goon's arrived on the scene, one with a mutt which ran down the sea wall - quite a steep drop by stage two outflow - and on to the beach, in pursuit of a ball the minder had lobbed, to cause a dread to the hundred gulls I was searching through to quit the area en masse. 

The other two decided to spend some time on an invasion of Red Nab to disperse another hundred or so gulls from the area....So the result of a goon induced short visit to Heysham was 6 Mediterranean Gull which were all adult.

Redshank Conder Pool 19 July. Pete Woodruff.

On Conder Pool, up to 150 Redshank noted, a young bird was probably one of four I saw 9 July, also a new peak of 8 Little Grebe. A Snipe was in the creeks with 7 Common Sandpiper and 3 Dunlin, 2 Sedge Warbler were in the reeds upstream from the road bridge. Butterflies along the coastal path, 10 Gatekeeper and a Common Blue.

I've not seen or heard reports of any of the Conder Pool Avocet since Sunday 15 July when two young were seen in the creeks with an adult.

The Conder Terns.

Common Tern Conder Pool 18 July. Ian Pinkerton.

Four adult Common Tern were seen as two on the pontoon, where I observed some interesting behaviour clearly illustrated in IP's image, and involved one bird returning from the estuary to present the other with a fish, drooping wings, and signs of one bird behaving as if to create a scrape. One of the 'pontoon' juveniles was on the back terrace, the other two adult were on Tern Island where one was sitting for it's 20th day to hopefully hatch eggs this weekend.

Yesterday evening at least 40 Swift were screaming high over Bowerham in Lancaster. 

Thanks to Ana Minguez for the header image of the stunning Audouin's Gull.

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