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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Picture Gallery.

The header image is a 22 year old from my file labeled 'Golden Oldie Birds'. The Long-billed Dowitcher at Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve in October 1998, courtesy of the late John Leedal. 

Whilst I plan my next bid for freedom, I selected a few piks taken over the years, but don't expect any world beating images, they only just got past quality control.

1.   Snow Bunting Plover Scar

2.   Whinchat Newby Moor N.York's

3.   Spotted Flycatcher Bowland

4.   Wheatear Bowland

5.   Black Redstart Fluke Hall

6.   Eastern Black Eared Wheatear Fluke Hall

7.   Skylark Fluke Hall

8.   Blackbird Home Garden

9.   Little Ringed Plover Conder Pool

10. Turnstone Plover Scar

11. Snipe Conder Pool

12. Brent Geese Heysham

13. Little Owl Roeburndale

14. Purple Heron Eagland Hill


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My records to date now stands at 95 Stonechat since I found 18 on Caton Moor 2 months ago on 26 August, mostly in Bowland, with some records taken from local websites. This is a good indication that the species has had a good breeding season in 2020, though I tried twice without success to contact the RSPB, to find out what their records - if any - showed to get a handle on numbers in Bowland.

Black-tailed Godwits. 

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I was grateful to Howard Stockdale for the video of the Black-tailed Godwits, including this one ringed OL-RZ, Arnessysla, Austurey, Iceland, 4 July 2012. The bird has collected 58 sightings, none of which were in our area until this one at Cockersand Wednesday 20 October. Otherwise it favoured Essex and Merseyside, and was seen twice back in Iceland in June 2013 and August 2018.


Below is an excellent post I copied from a website which touched on one of my favourite subjects on conservation and farming practices. I'm also aware of some ongoing local and bigger conservation issues which I intend to follow. 

'34 Fieldfare were a welcome sight this morning, these Scandinavian travelers on their annual visit to forage on the winter berries, however the dreaded hedge munching machine had other ideas and has now destroyed all the food that was lying in wait to keep our visiting Fieldfare well fed along with many others that would have foraged on same, no need to look very hard for the demise of wildlife when this goes on country wide, modern farming practices indeed' 


Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Pete!!! How are you?...

I have been watching the videos... In the first video beautiful selection of birds ... I love the purple Heron and little owl... :-)))

Have a nice day and great week ahead...

Pete Woodruff said...

Hi Ana....I am well, and hope you (and Spain) are too. The Little Owl isn't the best photograph in the world, but thank you for your kind words.

Hope your week is great too.

Richard Pegler said...

Your 'retrospective' brought a lump to my throat, Pete. I'm so pleased that you included some 'every day' birds with the more rare species.

Knowing the plight of the wildlife in the countryside, I too get very upset about the needless flailing of hedges and mowing of grass verges, often at the worst time of year. Hopefully, the message will start to sink in soon, although I can't but wonder if some councils are in the pockets of the contractors that perform these travesties. There are plenty of individuals too that are too set on having pristine-looking gardens, etc.

I hope that your plans come to fruition soon and you are able to get out and ejoy your surroundings in safety. Best wishes - - - Richard

Pete Woodruff said...

Many thanks once again for looking in and making your comments Richard, I have noted all of them.

Some of my remarks are a bit 'tongue in cheek' and don't have to be taken too serious, though that doesn't include my opinions on conservation and the like.

Take Care Stay Safe Richard/Lindsay.

By the way....I put in an application for a pass out for a little birding today, it was refused by the Right Honorable KT, who obviously has more sense than me!